BACK UP is a non-profit organization in the city of Norrk√∂ping, Sweden. The members are young people who are wholeheartedly dedicating their time. They are always visible, present and available for others. They create relationships to be there for anyone who has lost their way, and unite the souls of the youngsters who are not well supported by their families, friends or the society.

Their work with kids is totally based on voluntary efforts. The youngest member of the team is 15 years old. Thanks to their young age they are exceptionally well accepted with all people who need them, friends and enemies included. They work in unity with their peers, to bring together common interests and overall goodness amongst each other.

To offer a listening ear or a supporting hand to these young people means that they have someone to communicate with. They have a sounding board, someone who speaks their language and has experienced the same situation.

The goal is to provide everyone with the right tools and show them alternative paths. The purpose is to lead them back on the right track. They all deserve a decent chance to grow and succeed. A chance to discover themselves, take responsibility, meet the challenges in life and find their role in the society.


© 2017 by Sara Johari
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